About Jonathan Clements

Dr Jonathan Clements is the author of many books on East Asian history, including biographies of Marco Polo, Admiral Togo, Khubilai Khan and A Brief History of the Samurai. His books are available in over a dozen languages, including Chinese editions of his biographies of the First Emperor and Empress Wu. He is the co-author of The Dorama Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese Television Drama Since 1953 and The Anime Encyclopedia: A Century of Japanese Animation (both for Stone Bridge Press). His book Anime: A History (British Film Institute) received a 2014 CHOICE recommendation as one of the year’s outstanding academic titles, and was nominated for the Society of Animation Studies’ McLaren-Lambart Award for best scholarly book. He is currently a Visiting Professor at Xi’an Jiaotong University, China.

p22-donoghue-clements-a-20150125-870x582He has worked as a translator, voice actor, or dubbing director on over 70 anime, including Grey: Digital Target, Sol Bianca, and Musashi: Dream of the Last Samurai. He was formerly the editor of Manga Max magazine, a contributing editor of Newtype USA, and is now a contributing editor to The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, with special responsibility for China and Japan. In 2016, he became the presenter of the TV series Route Awakening (National Geographic), an investigation of Chinese culture and history.

As a script writer, his work includes the online hybrid sf series Halcyon Sun and audio dramas for the Big Finish company, including the Doctor Who radio plays Immortal Beloved and Brave New Town. He has also written spin-off novels for Strontium Dog and Spartacus: Blood & Sand. He has been a consultant and talking head on numerous TV programmes, including New Secrets of the Terracotta Warriors (Channel 4), Treasures of the Jade Empire (Channel 4), Koxinga: A Hero’s Legacy (National Geographic) and Ancient Black Ops: The 47 Ronin (UK Yesterday/American Heroes). His biography of Empress Wu has twice been optioned for television.

Jonathan Clements is represented by the Fox & Howard literary agency.

P1140138Schoolgirl Milky Crisis (n.) 1. A stupid name for a generic anime
show, made up to protect the innocent in Jonathan Clements’
long-running insider columns about the Japanese comics and cartoons
business. (n.) 2. A collection of nearly two decades of articles,
speeches and interviews by Jonathan Clements on anime, manga, and
Asian culture, published by Titan Books. (n.) 3. This blog, containing
excerpts from the above and all-new material as when the Big Giant
Heads allow.

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4 thoughts on “About Jonathan Clements

  1. Hi,

    I recently read your collection Zen Haiku and not only did I enjoy it but some of your commentaries were invaluable in my appreciation of the poems. Since I relied on your analysis with respect to a number of haiku, I wanted to give you due credit in a collection of my own which I intend to put up on Amazon sometime soon. Also I wanted to give you a heads of first. Anyways, thanks again and if you have any objections or questions feel free to let me know.

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi! I’ve had a bit of a history with the Japanese culture and awhile back I did some research which lead me to Anne Allison (Duke), Sharon Kinsella (Oxford I believe) and Hirokin Azuma (Waseda); each of whom have been involved in the anthropological study of modern forms of Japanese escapism. I’ve not read your book. (I will check it out for sure), but can you share your thoughts on child idolization, the role of idols like Seiko Matsuda (1980’s), and your insights on the history of child porn and incest in Japan and how these might be reflected in Japanese animation/manga and the potential effects of normalization? If this is in the book please refer me! Thank you! Also have you heard of the Petit Tomato series in Japan (circa late seventies and eighties)? My Japanese husband was a fan of it and loved what is referred to these days a fan service.

  3. Hi

    I hope you see this Mr.Clements since I could not find your email anywhere: I am contacting you because of an enquiry I have regarding the Japanese Economic Miracle. I am currently working on writing my Extended Essay, a 400 words research paper compulsory for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. I am writing about the Japanese Economic Miracle and my research question is “To what extent did the American occupiers of SCAP create the perfect environment for ‘the American dream’ in 1950’s and 60’s Japan?” The aim of my research is to outline how much of the economic growth was caused by the policies enacted by SCAP contrary to fiscal policy carried out by Japanese post-war politicians.

    I read you book “Modern Japan: All That Matters” and was wondering if it would be possible to interview you about the topic over email. If not, I would be very glad if you could direct me to someone with more intimate knowledge of the topic.

    Thank you for reading. I hope to hear from you.

    Kind regards,
    Fredrik Matre

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