“Jonathan Clements is one of the rare commentators who writes for the English speaking anime enthusiast without resorting to supposition. .. Clements’ work stands as an effective testament to the value of print commentary in anime. Personally, I couldn’t be more pleased to have more of this work captured in a shelf-suitable bound edition.” (Ain’t It Cool News)

Tomorrow, this blog is a year old. It’s been twelve whole months since the Big Giant Heads showed me the negatives, and assured me that they would release them to the press unless I updated this blog twice a week with titbits from a writer’s life, rants at the injustices of the world, and pictures of cats. Although I talked them round about the cats.

In the process, I’ve uploaded a whole bunch of things that didn’t quite fit in Schoolgirl Milky Crisis, as well as many more articles that might well turn up in a sequel, should I ever be able to talk the Big Giant Heads into printing it. With that in mind, nothing sways a publisher like a massive spike in December sales, so do please consider Schoolgirl Milky Crisis as a Christmas gift for an anime fan in your life. Or an eccentric uncle. Or anyone on an award committee who complains that there are too many books on the market about women who “find” themselves or men who like blowing stuff up. Every little helps.

12 thoughts on “Pimpage

  1. I was thinking of:

    Schoolgirl Milky Crisis 2: Devil Devil Beast Beast

    but that plays havoc with search engines. So instead I am toying with:

    Pretty Vampire Boy

    But all that depends on whether the Giant Heads are even interested in publishing another one, and I won’t know that for a while.

  2. Both are more original than Schoolgirl Milky Crisis 2: electric boogaloo. But I love throwing in a breakdance reference wherever I can.

    Speaking of pretty vampire boy, is there still talks of Adapting Twilight into an ongoing series? They could adapt True Blood instead and market it to the west as a hentai series.

  3. Haven’t enough trees died for Twilight already, Chris? I haven’t heard anything, but to be honest, I haven’t been looking either. I did stumble across “Darren Shan”, the manga version of Cirque du Freak, which I wrote about in the Manga Snapshot on Shonen Sunday, where it was being serialised.

    And yes, Christine, I really read these.

  4. I’ve just done a bit of digging. Apparently, there was a brief mention on the dvd commentary from the writer that there might be an anime series. Can’t say I like the news but considering the hype for my demograph was surf talking, pizza eating reptiles, were they were any more credable than Emo vampires? Cowabunga says no.

  5. Surely you could just name the book after an actual episode of School Girl Milky Crisis?

    School Girl Milky Crisis 2:
    – The Great Milk Shake up
    – Super Cyborg Bovine Adventures
    – Attack of the Milk Maids (hmmm, extra points for maid reference?)
    – Super Cow Girl Wagyu Wagyu
    – Cream Machine
    – Pull the Udder one
    – Kobe Adventures
    – Metal Udder Crash
    – My My Matsusaka
    – Cousin Angus Visits
    – Hoof and Mouth
    – Yonezawa Sentai Team 7
    – When Brahman Go Bad
    – Locking Horns
    – Full Metal Udders
    – Cream of the Crop
    – The White Gyu
    – Mishima Mysteries

    Failing that, don’t forget Who Dat Ninja has a huge following in Japan. I also love Geek Gets Girls, and Warriors of the Test Card. Although I hear that the licensing costs for WTC is insanely high still.

  6. Geek Gets Girls was my reason for getting into anime. Schoolgirl Milky Crisis 2: Geek Gets Girls! However people may assume the title is JC boasting, or something….

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