Herald Angels

15th February 2010 sees the UK premiere of the Gainax movie Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance at the Glasgow Film Theatre. I shall be introducing it, although unlike the time I introduced Death and Rebirth in Oxford, I shall not be performing the finale solo using shadow puppetry and silly voices. There are all sorts of things going on the same day, as well, including a brief talk on anime censorship by a lady from the BBFC, and the UK premiere of the long-awaited Gentleman Broncos. Hopefully, the trains will be working by then.

6 thoughts on “Herald Angels

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  2. Hi there. Will try to make this if possible as I have been to Glasgow before and it is a nice city in certain areas. Any chance this will get a showing in England as well? Would love to see this on the big screen if possible.

  3. 1.0 will actually be screened on the same day in Glasgow, so anyone needing a refresher course need only get a ticket for the previous slot. The DVD release of 1.11 is later in the year.

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