Unicorns & Cannonballs

I’ll be in Dublin on the 20th-21st March for the second Irish Film Institute Anime Weekend, which will include screenings of Evangelion 1.11, Evangelion 2.0, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, Gundam: Unicorn, and Blood: The Last Vampire. I’ll be introducing some of the films and doing a panel or two, one of which is sure to involve Hugh David (ex of ADV Films), Andrew Partridge (Beez Entertainment) and I smacking chairs over each other’s heads and arguing about the future of anime. I’m also conducting a seminar about the way Japanese animation is put together, using the ideas employed by the late Jinzo Toriumi in educating an entire generation of anime screenwriters. If you are an Irish anime fan (or a student who wants to book one of the limited places available on the seminar), you might want to keep that weekend free. And yes, I am always happy to sign copies of Schoolgirl Milky Crisis — someone in Glasgow last week asked me if I’d mind! Good God, I can’t sign enough of them.

Details of the weekend and/or seminars aren’t up at the IFI website yet, but I know they’re printing their March brochure, so they should be soon. Watch that space.

5 thoughts on “Unicorns & Cannonballs

  1. I didn’t make it to Glasgow so Dublin has no chance, especially as I’ll just be coming back from Florida around that time. However, I hope all attendees have a brilliant time.

  2. One more matter I would like to add. I’ve been reading assorted bloggers lately expressing their waning enthusiasm for anime, and sounding off about this season’s lack of good shows. For me, zero could be farther from the truth. For me, this season is one of the greatest of all time. I imagine anime is becoming greater than ever, and we are in the center of a legitimate golden age, despite the industry’s financial woes.

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