(Bring My Love) Right Back to Me

Because the song translations I did for Pioneer were for the music division, not the anime division, they covered theme songs from other companies, too. That is the only possible explanation for Pioneer’s decision to hire me to work in 1997 on lyrics for the mad hair-metal theme to Fist of the North Star “Ai o Torimodose”. I did the best I could… and you thought Schoolgirl Milky Crisis was weird.

Shock of love! When heaven sent you it was just the start

Shock of love! Stopped me in my tracks, now you’ve got my heart

Burning fever binds me waiting for my love to find me

But now I’m giving it my all

None can stop my anger, I just point my little finger and down

They all fall

Shock of love! Just one look at you, heartbeat’s getting fast

Shock of love! Me and you as one, and it’s gonna last

Now my heart is burning with the madness they call yearning

To find the place where you’re hiding

I can’t live without you, fight the cruel thoughts that doubt you, I’ll do


Now you’re far away, a quest to save our love, and I’m here waiting for you

Tomorrow’s gone, until you bring the key

Never can forget your pretty smiling face, for I know your heart is true

Bring my love right back to me*

Shock of love! Shining light upon the shadows in my mind

Shock of love! Just the thought of you, and my thoughts unwind

When we’re back together, promise it will be forever and then

Take me in your arms

I will hold you to me and nobody’s gonna free me again

From your charms

repeat *

4 thoughts on “(Bring My Love) Right Back to Me

  1. JC – why do so many animes have songs revolving around love/romantic lyrics, even though the anime in question may be a gory supernatural actioner called Devil Devil Beast Beast? Often the theme of the song clashes with the content. Is this because the song will be marketed separately from the anime to a different audience? Even if they buy in a pop-song, surely Japan’s massive music scene could come up with more apt songs? Or is it just a Japanese studio’s taste for schmaltz?

  2. Mark – the chief reason is that love and romance have always been staples of poetry and song, and that, very often, songs are attached to anime as marketing tools for the *song*, and not for the anime itself.

    A company such as King Records will invest in a show and then be able to shove a couple of their tunes onto the soundtrack. (At some point in 1994, someone had a meeting and said: “You know what, we’ve got the rights to Fly Me to the Moon…”)

    Sometimes there will be a thematic or artist-related connection to the show, sometimes not. It’s the same in live-action TV drama in Japan. Even a Japanese soap powder advert will often carry an MTV style text in the corner identifying the track and artist, in order to encourage people to go out and buy the song.

  3. ““You know what, we’ve got the rights to Fly Me to the Moon…”)

    -You been playing Bayonetta??? In that game the song is kind of apt, though.

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