Now on Kindle

Schoolgirl Milky Crisis, the book, is now available in a Kindle edition, here in the United States, and here in the United Kingdom. In mere moments, all you cyber people can upstream it from the intertubes onto your digithing. Don’t delay, download today!

“With a wealth of insider buzz about all things Japanese and more than you ever thought to ask about… this book is great fun indeed—including the index. A required purchase for all libraries serving otaku patrons.” – Library Journal

“a tour of the medium with the world’s best guide” – SFX

“an intelligent appraisal of a very wide field, both amusing and, frankly, amazing” – Concatenation

“if you’re interested in learning more about anime, from history to production, then this will be an essential addition to any collection.” –

“Clements is a sharp writer with an ability to keenly frame his subject… pieces like this have the power to affect how you think about anime.” — Ain’t it Cool News

“honest, sometimes blunt, often humorous… If you want to know just a hint of what goes on behind the press releases, where anime comes from and how it gets here, then this is your book… the ultimate source” — Eye on Anime

“Jonathan Clements is something of a violin in the void… consumers of Asian culture will find much of interest, while I dare say academics could also learn a thing or two.” — Midnight Eye

2 thoughts on “Now on Kindle

  1. I’m an old git what still perfers my print media printed on paper. The language might have changed through the ages, but a book today is pretty much like a book printed a millenium ago, and should still be very much the same a millenium from now. Will the same be said about a Kindle, or i-pad a millenium from now?

  2. If I had the money to spare I would get this even though I have the print edition since my ipod is smaller and is more often in arms reach than my library. I assume it would also be searchable which would be a plus.

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