Los Samurais

My Spanish publishers didn’t hang about. A Brief History of the Samurai was only published a few months ago, but the Spanish rights were sold while it was still in galleys, and it now joins Wu, The First Emperor of China, The Moon in the Pines, Chinese Life, Mao and two books on Vikings in Spanish editions. It does feel quite weird to have eight books out in a single foreign territory, with bio blurbs that describe me as el historiador Jonathan Clements.

Wu, incidentally, is now out in Spain in paperback, and has the following kick-ass review from someone called Martinez Shaw: «Este obra demuestra que un buen libro de historia puede ser más apasionante que la mayoría de las novelas históricas»*

I am clearly much more loved in Spain than I am in France, where only one of my books has been translated. And not loved at all in Sweden. Come on, Sweden. Everybody else in Europe has bought the rights to at least one of my books… was it something I said about Vikings…?

(*“This work shows that a good history book can be more exciting than most historical novels” Don’t get me started…)

3 thoughts on “Los Samurais

  1. Maybe Sweden doesn’t want to publish it because you reveal an uncomfortable truth. That the Vikings and Rus, etc, were disgusting invaders from the Mediterranean region, and before that the mid-Atlantic, and before that nothing but good old Red Indians in search of a more luxurious lifestyle than picking berries and hunting deer.

    It wasn’t until I read your book on Vikings that I put together a few important pieces.

    S + WED +es (people from there call it Sverige, similar to Varangians, and Merovingians!)
    I had already guessed that the native white race were called the WOD, but your book helped me realize this is where we get several English words from, WHITE, WORD (meaning coded plan), and WED.

    We call it a WEDding because of the black (haired) Atlan Ros abducting white (skinned) blond native Nordic women and “marrying” them. Or, like Zeus, holding them captive in a cave while forcing them to produce babies under horrendous conditions, and so the offspring can be mind-controlled into becoming future invaders and false kings. And then people like you encode the idea that the blond princess WANTED THAT?!? It makes me want to invent a virus that could wipe out anyone who is consciously continuing this crap or has ever profited from it, not to mention that ones actually torturing and raping babies right at this moment for the sake of increasing the “Race (ROS) of the Gods (BRAIN-DAMAGED INBRED IDIOTS)

    So you might NOT want to go reminding Scandinavians that they’re either red-skinned imposters with a general hobby of genocide, OR the product of rape, or the last of a native race on its rightful land.

    The whole thing is just evil, you should truly be ashamed of yourself.

    And yet I wish you’d respond in some form to what I’m saying, so I can see how you mentally dance around your horrendous cultural heritage, because you tie together so nicely all the Atlan Ros vices – child sex, murder and torture, stealing land, enslaving good people after tearing apart their families and cultures, turning it all into a funny cartoon or fantastical religion in the end.

    Yuck, you make me sick.

    And you should be very scared, because an innocent person has figured your con out.

  2. No I’m not, actually.

    Check my website for the keys to the codes they use. Everything is encoded, but they count on people thinking that’s too crazy so they never look and figure it out.

    It’s not like some science fiction thing, it’s just a culture that loves codes.

    Why isn’t Johnathan Clements responding? Because he has been carefully trained never to respond to allegations so true.



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