5 thoughts on “Umanosuke Iida 1961-2010

  1. Oh no not again,
    this is strecthing statistical possibility to the very limit.
    Scotland has something like the second highest murder rate in europe
    but at this rate it will be safer to be on Strathclyde Police than an animator in Japan

  2. What if the chemicals used for the cells they drew was somehow poisenous? More like living not a very healthy lifestyle of eating poorly, and working long hours sometimes through the night, 7 days a week to meet deadlines. This has been a bad year for anime and manga in so many ways. T_T

  3. Mohawk52, only yesterday I delivered a column about that very subject. It’s called Anime Syndrome and it will be in Neo at the end of the month, and turn up on this blog sometime in February. It identifies some of the mundane reasons for the great anime die-off, although I don’t mention poison.

    Anime materials are indeed hazardous. Cel disposal is covered by a number of enviromental restrictions, paints are full of all sorts of odd chemicals, cels are washed in acid. Maybe you’re onto something, there. Conversely, much of the chemicals-related labour that this would entail has been outsourced to Korea, China and elsewhere since 1996, so we might be more likely to expect modern animators to be suffering from maladies more apprpriate to the contemporary office.

  4. That is well spotted, women who used to paint the luminous numbers on watch faces in the last century did die from poisoning from the uranium based paint, because they licked the brush back into a point.
    Artists will keep old paints for ages even if they were discontinued/banned for scary chemical content years previously because they can’t get the colour anymore so the health and safety restrictions can often mean nothing if they still regularly use the old paints

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