Sakyo Komatsu 1931-2011

Sakyo Komatsu, the science fiction author best known for Japan Sinks, has died aged 80. In lieu of an obituary, I give you the entry from the upcoming third edition of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, for which I substantially upgraded Takumi Shibano’s entry on Komatsu from the previous edition. You should be able to access the draft text here.

1 thought on “Sakyo Komatsu 1931-2011

  1. Please note that the particle “を” is transliterated as “o”, not “wo”, in Hepburn (also Kunrei-shiki, but not Nihon-shiki). As in:

    “Chi ni wa Heiwa wo” (twice)
    “Chikyū ni Heiwa wo”
    “Otoko wo Sagas”
    “Komatsu Sakyō Jiden: Jitsuzon wo Motomete”

    (I beg pardon, but this is a pet peeve of mine. ^_^; )

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