Golgo 13: Clementary

So, apparently the new US release of Golgo 13 includes the commentary track that I recorded for Manga Entertainment in 2007. Very glad to see it getting another airing, particularly since two of my commentary tracks were once dropped from a US release because a timid distributor thought Americans wouldn’t get my sense of humour.

More details on my other commentary tracks can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Golgo 13: Clementary

  1. Ok, I vaguely remember a friend insisting I watch the movie, and finding it insanely boring and repulsive (I do very much find it fascinating that it was specifically made for a western audience), but I’m always intrigued by tales of cut footage, so the nosey parker in me has to ask, what was cut/restored, anything of interest or value?

  2. The restored materials amounted to a CG opening sequence — didn’t make much difference to the plot but did make the later CG sequence seem slightly less out of place.

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