Miyazaki Retires, Again


Hayao Miyazaki’s forthcoming retirement (except for short films, occasional other projects, and whatever he can be lured into the office to do) still makes the front page of the Japanese newspapers, as well it might when so much of Japan’s cultural capital rests on the box office takings for his movies.

2 thoughts on “Miyazaki Retires, Again

  1. So I’m not the only one who’s taking this with a pinch of salt then! It’s just, Miyazaki is one of those creative types for whom storytelling and making art are integral to who they are…the guy will continue to work as long as he’s capable of holding a pen.

    It’ll be a shame to think we won’t see any more of his movies and I’m sure the corporate side will be feeling unhappy about their number one employee calling it a day, but honestly? The man’s made some amazing things and brought joy to millions. He deserves a rest…assuming he truly wants to rest at all.

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