1 thought on “Schoolgirls, Money and Rebellion

  1. From the review: “Drawing on the media theories of Stuart Hall, Kinsella points to hidden subtexts of ownership and control. “Our” women are being corrupted. What can “we” do about it? And can we watch…? How much do they charge…?”

    I’m seeing another kind of subtext here: it’s ok for teenage girls to engage in prostitution because it’s “empowering” for them to “express their sexuality,” and anyone telling these strong and independent fully adult women what to do must be some kind of leering misogynist rapist, an agent of the patriarchy trying to set back women’s rights, like, a thousand years.

    The “hidden subtexts of ownership and control” that she is referring to is something commonly known as “parenting.” These feminist academics are like alien tourists trying to understand the strange ways of Earthlings.

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