Viking Smackdown

From A Brief History of the Vikings by Jonathan Clements, available in the UK and in the US.

The crucifix began to compete with the hammer of Thor as the must-have fashion accessory, and missionaries soon followed behind the trendsetters. In distant Iceland, for example, where missionaries had been visiting the remote communities since 980, the news of the conversion of Norway as a whole led many of the die-hard heathens to believe they were missing out on something.

When Thangbrand, a Saxon priest in Crowbone’s retinue, was dispatched to Iceland to spread the word, many Icelanders began to seriously consider converting. Others, however, spoke out against the Christians in the same manner as the Trondheimers of old. One Hedin the Sorcerer was slaughtered by Thangbrand the Christian soldier, along with all his retainers. A similar fate awaited Veturlidi the Poet, who composed a satirical verse about the missionary, for which he was cut down in front of his son.

Thangbrand met his match when his ship, the Bison, was wrecked on the eastern coast near Bulandness. There, he got into an argument with a devout heathen lady by the name of Steinunn, who asked him where his Christ was when Thor was causing his ship to be smashed on the rocks. According to Steinunn, Thor had challenged Christ to a fight, but Christ had not shown up.

3 thoughts on “Viking Smackdown

  1. Wow! I was reading “The Vikings” this morning and decided I had to find out who you were. First I looked through all of your mu ram asa industries website, was shocked you weren’t some old man writing of nothing but vikings, then I find this site and here’s an important quote on EXACTLY the subject of my question.

    I was given the book as a present, but it has been EXTREMELY reassuring that my personal theories on the Atlan Ros are bang on. I write on my website about my personal struggles in dealing with decoding film after film, tv show after tv show, all containing these insidious subplots about the Atlan Ros. You might want to take a look, because I might have to write an expose on you in the near future, but as I’m a nice person, I like to give people a chance to turn whistle blower first, before I throw them to the wolves that are the innocent public.

    Anyway, my question to you, which you probably wouldn’t answer in a million years cuz it’s so hush-hush, is how early did the Atlan Ros begin returning their DNA to the scandinavian regions after leaving the Ros Ridge and establishing those mediterranean cities of baby-making? Was it not until after Caesar and Lucius pulled the whole Jesus hoax and got in as kings of Britain, or had it begun right around 4004 BC, when the milky-colored offspring were dressed and ready to go?

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