“a conspiratorial journey to mock Finland”

41CH3PO2YYL._SY445_Edward Dutton’s much-appreciated review of my Armchair Traveller’s History of Finland appears in the Scandinavian Journal of History 40:1, and decrees it to be “lively and humorous… a good introduction to Finland…[that] successfully negotiates the various problems that bedevil producing a history book aimed at undergraduates.” He pays it an immense compliment by assuming it should be let anywhere near an academic syllabus in the first place, but perhaps is already looking forward to arguing with his students about the terrible things I say about Russian tourists and fundamentalist Lutherans.

1 thought on ““a conspiratorial journey to mock Finland”

  1. Reblogged this on Dodgy Perth and commented:
    Jonathan Clements is very annoying.

    He is prolific, cool, and has an incredible range of interests, each of which he writes about brilliantly but with deceptive ease.

    And he even manages to look smokingly handsome in his publicity shot.

    His book on the Vikings is probably the best introduction to that subject, we have ever read here at Dodgy Perth HQ.

    For all of the above reasons, and probably more, we hate him.

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