Koxinga: A Hero’s Legacy

29167_417389643053_6783804_nKoxinga: A Hero’s Legacy, the documentary I made with National Geographic in 2010, has turned up on Youtube. I am a talking head, all over it like a rash, because of my book on the infamous Pirate King of Taiwan.


2 thoughts on “Koxinga: A Hero’s Legacy

  1. Hi Jonathan;

    I was wondering if you can inform as to ‘whom’ the used book-seller was that you brought the
    book about the Chinese Labour Corp. By: Michael Summerskill.

    It was a private publication in 1982; and his other books were about shipping Law?!!

    I too am research the CLC and would much appreciate a copy.

    I believe there is a new film out on the topic called:

    “Tricks on the dead!” Released: 2017.

    By; Rare Earth Media Group.

    But; the one by Summerskill was quite early…


    Mr. G.Chin

  2. I’ll see if I can find it, but I’m not sure knowing who sold it to me will make a difference. Besides, the best book on the CLC, so good in fact that I gave up all plans to write one of my own, is Gregory James’s The Chinese Labour Corps (1916–1920) (Hong Kong: Bayview Educational, 2013) ISBN 978-988-12686-0-0. I got my copy of that from Peter Morris Limited: http://ensuringweremember.org.uk/?p=1832

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