Year of the Ox

Marcus               [SINGS] Rule Britannia…

As the door opens.

Adam                  [RECEDING/CALLING] Don’t mind him, he’s drunk, officer.

Doctor                 Officer…?

Adam                  [DISTANT] Just high spirits!

Doctor                 Can you tell me what year it is?

Marcus               [DISTANT] What year it is!?

Doctor                 Yes!

Marcus               [DISTANT] And I thought I was wasted!

Adam                  [DISTANT/TO MARCUS] What year is it, actually?

Marcus               [DISTANT] It’s the Year of the Ox, matey!

Adam                  [DISTANT] Yeah! Year of the Ox! [MOOOOOO!]

Marcus               [DISTANT] [MOOOOOOO!] Come with us!

Doctor                 Where are you going?

Marcus               [DISTANT] Little England!

And as Marcus and Adam fade out, chorusing to the tune of “Here We Go”: Enger-land Engerland Engerland… Engerland, Engerland Engerla-and….  Engerland Engerland Engerland, Engerla-and, ENG-GER-LAND!

Doctor                 [MUSING] It’s worse than I thought.

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