Garden of Remembrance

That’s director Naoko Yamada and her entourage slipping not-entirely-invisibly through the streets of Edinburgh for the premiere of her new short film Garden of Remembrance at the Cameo cinema. We’ve spent a merry couple of days getting her thoughts on film about love, and loss, and the mess people leave when they went away, as well as cucumber horses, aubergine cows, the mystery of dog poo bins and the dilemma of Marmite.

I had an additional duty, thrust upon me when the lyrics for the title song, which itself forms the sole script of the movie, turned up untranslated in Scotland with only a couple of days to go before the premiere. So that was a a frenzied few hours as I wrestled with Lovely Summer Chan’s lyrics until they made sense in another language.

Both Yamada and I spent the day of the premiere ridiculously over-dressed, because we knew we wouldn’t have time to change clothes before the event began. Shortly after we were mistaken for a wedding party at the hotel, I showed her the translation of the lyrics and she started crying. Which hopefully was a a good sign.

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