My Heart Won't Let Me Say

Another blast from the past — a song translation from 1997 when I was doing rhyming lyrics for Pioneer CDs. This is from the Oh! My Goddess video series opening and closing themes. They were for the full-length versions that I can’t actually find on You Tube. But you can get an idea from the 90 seconds that were actually used in the show. If you’re interested in methods and tricks for this sort of thing, I did talk briefly about songs in a lecture I gave to the Department of Literary Translation at the University of East Anglia, a full transcript of which appears in the book Schoolgirl Milky Crisis.

By your side, but I still want more

Need your love, but I can’t be sure

Try to give my heart away

But you think it’s just a game we play

Seaside trip for a springtime break

Summer dress was a big mistake

Could you wrap me in your shirt

Just to show me that I’m yours?

My heart, it still won’t let me say

Please, give me your kiss today

Daydream, my fantasies they grow

And spread their wings, to the sky, far away

Whoever said a girl couldn’t be happy

Another’s love can set her free

Give your heart, only takes a word

And you will make me shine

For even if my tears start to flow again

If it’s for you I won’t complain

Heartache comes, but I feel no pain

If I can make you mine

Secrets are what I want from you

Breaking rules, is a game for two

I know you want me as well

But I wait for you to fall in my spell

Autumn comes, and my heart is bruised

Winter too, and I’ve got the blues

But if you will stay with me

It’ll all be fine in the end

Your heart, it has to answer true

Believe, my touch was meant for you

True love, you are my one and only

Cheeks blush red, burning hot, love anew

When a girl falls in love, she is beautiful

She doesn’t need to try at all

Lipstick red, or mascara blue

Would seem so out of place

When she’s in bed at night, and her thoughts still stream

She doesn’t need to sleep to dream

Love wells up, and it overflows

A smile glows on her face

When a girl falls in love, she is beautiful

Her heart will be invincible

Happiness, is a dream come true

Her love can conquer all

For even if my tears start to flow again

If it’s for you I won’t complain

Say you’ll stay, for eternity

And catch me if I fall

Lyrics: Taka Hasegawa

Music & Arrangement: Takeshi Yasuda

Vocals: Kikuko Inoue, Yumi Toma & Aya Hisakawa

English version: Jonathan Clements

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