Edinburgh Loves Anime

And now the bookings are live for Scotland Loves Anime’s second weekend, over at the Edinburgh Film House from Friday 15th October until Sunday 17th. Films on show include Summer Wars, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, Redline, and One Piece: Strong World. There is also a rare chance to catch Akira in a cinema.

The organisers are flying in voice actor/director Michael Sinterniklaas from America to talk about dubbing anime, and on the 15th I’ll be handling the morning session of the education day, discussing the miseries that anime creators face in dealing with sponsors, producers and audiences. I will also sign any Schoolgirl Milky Crisis that is proffered, so it’s yet another chance for you to amaze your friends with a personalised copy of the book that the Comics Journal praised for its “easy wit” and “sparkling humour”.

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