Anime Journalism — 1997

A real blast from the past — the Sci Fi channel putting some of their anime bumpers to an unexpected use in a mini-documentary, albeit one with made-up statistics, quotes out of context and apples compared to oranges. I’ve never seen this before — if I had, I would have pointed out that I seem considerably younger, thinner, and apparently spelt my name differently back then. Then again, the Sci Fi channel can’t even spell its own name any more.

8 thoughts on “Anime Journalism — 1997

  1. I still can’t understand why they cancelled Saiko Exciting, much better than Big Bro. ever was. Dear, dear Seera. Do you still keep in touch JC? I wonder if she ever did see that guy’s bum in the end? XP

  2. “One Love” by Blue, as nobody ever thought it would sound… and everybody wishes it never would again. I would like to point out that I never got to choose the songs I sung. They would present them to me as I arrived at the door, and I usually had about 15 minutes to learn them and translate them into Chinese.

    Mohawk52: I am still in touch with Seera and Emily. They have both gone on to far better things, well… so have I!

  3. And I don’t know wether or not or how much you’d be interested but I am in very intrigued in catching this: on this Friday evening, even though it’s a whole £13 which makes me hesitant, and it’s all the way up at Seven as well (which takes two busses to get to – no more expensive than one but takes some time getting home especially; it’s not sometime to do if one needs to be somewhere the next morning).

  4. F’ yeah Tonde Bûrin! Now there’s something to be in UK comic shops in ’97 to buy imported mechanise drawn from (would there conceivably be people here whom would recognise it then, other than through being briefly over here from a country where it was run on TV?).

  5. I had forgotten about Emily, when her TV credentials included ‘Bits’ I initially mistook her for the other Emily [Booth] who was her co-host along with Aleks Krotoski.

  6. “Dear, dear Seera. Do you still keep in touch JC? I wonder if she ever did see that guy’s bum in the end? XP”

    -You can try adding her as a friend on Facebook. She didn’t accept my friend request though…

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