*Not* Big in Japan

“Why is that giant robot skipping…?” I return to the All the Anime podcast for another time-wasting podcast about (among other things) — the reasons for corporate pseudonyms in the anime business, why nobody likes Swedes, the politics of reindeer herding, “southern softies” from Helsinki, anime that are more popular outside Japan than in it, and, as ever, why I love Gunbuster.


00:00 – 02:34, Intro.
02:35 – 07:53, An update on life in Finland during lockdown, the politics of reindeer herders
07:54 – 19:31, Jonathan on the re-recording of Gunbuster, then discussion about Diebuster too.
19:32 – 31:25, Who is (or isn’t) Hajime Yatate? A look at how this pseudonym came about and its impact on the industry to this day.
31:26 – 41:48, (continued from the section above) Have there been any more examples of blowback by a creative because they lost a credit to a studio?
41:49 – 56:15, Discussion on titles being more popular outside of Japan but also how a title may be presented to be perceived larger than it is.
56:16 – 1:02:53, (Continued from section above) The crucial missing component in the foreign attention pattern: China.
1:02:54 – 1:11:48, The Chinese animation industry as it is now.
1:11:49 – 1:15:13 [END], Show close.

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