Pod People

I am now available in pod form, courtesy of the people from the Right Stuf, who interview me on their latest Anime Today show about anime, manga, and the difficulties of getting Chinese waiters to sing Help Me Rhonda.

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As part of their very professional and diligent set-up, they put together the above picture of me in front of a bunch of Schoolgirl Milky Covers. Next blog entry, I’ll tell you where I really was when that photo was taken. Really, you’d never guess.

Meanwhile, it’s time to announce the winners of the Big Giant Heads’ competition to win a free copy of Schoolgirl Milky Crisis. Readers of this blog were asked to come with their own name for a stupid anime show, causing much mirth at Titan Books with their ideas for hundreds of truly awful, teeth-itchingly unpleasant titles.
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