Isao Tomita 1932-2016

tomita-studioOver at All the Anime, I write an obituary for electronica pioneer Isao Tomita, who also composed the theme song to Tezuka’s Jungle Emperor.

“The 15-track Jungle Emperor album would become the first anime-themed LP, selling 100,000 copies – generating lucrative royalties for Tomita, but also for the unknown lyricist.  The main suspect was animation director Eiichi Yamamoto, leading to further arguments about whether he had written the words during a working day, thereby forfeiting his royalties to the company, or during one of the 250 hours of unpaid overtime he had clocked. Eventually, Mushi’s managers ruled in favour of themselves, fearful of setting a precedent.”


Tony Luke 1970-2016

mari_iijima__ballet_dancer_by_tonyluke-d99orf2My obituary for the artist Tony Luke is up on the All the Anime blog. Not really sure of his date of birth, but hopefully someone will correct me.

The picture at right is one of his last, depicting “Lynn Minmay” actress Mari Iijima as a ballet dancer, and a far cry from his earlier work of heavy metal heroes.