Eurotrash Ultraman

In 1996, I was young, thin, and apparently a “journalist” — actually, I was already a full-time translator of anime and manga. And I appeared on Eurotrash for about three seconds, wittering about Japanese superheroes. I said something very funny about lycra factories, although it seems to have been cut from this clip, which ex-Tsuburaya employee Brad Warner stumbled across on the interwebs.

The Notenki Memoirs

It’s hard not to like Yasuhiro Takeda, the hapless nuclear physics student who repeated his second year at university five times before giving up. His reason, the passion for sci-fi that led him to run conventions, sell model kits, and eventually become General Manager and Producer for the Gainax company. This textual autobiography takes him from his failed student days, through his time as fanboy and amateur actor, right through the tax evasion calamity that dogged Gainax in the wake of Evangelion.

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