Martial Artistry

big troubleSpun off from my work on A Brief History of the Martial Arts, the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction gets to feel the benefit, with several new entries from me on Chinese authors. There’s a new thematic entry on Wuxia (martial arts fiction), as well as author entries on Louis Cha (a.k.a. Jin Yong), Ni Kuang and Wang Dulu, the author of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I’ve now written well over 100,000 words in the SFE on the literature of China and Japan, and the work is still ongoing.


Sword of Destiny


Ahead of the global release of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, I check out Justin Hill’s novelisation over at the All the Anime blog. Is it by Wang Dulu, or John Fusco, or Justin Hill, or all of the above…?