Gerry Anderson 1929-2012

My obituary of Gerry Anderson, focussing on his Japanese contacts (or lack of them), is up now on the Manga UK blog. It’s quite fun, and includes dastardly producers, animated homages, and a scene in which Helen McCarthy is accused of being a terrorist.

The Nolans System

In the early 1980s, five sisters took Japan by storm. The Nolans sold 9 million records, and appeared on TV, singing in Japanese. Their biggest hit was “Dancing Sister,” which we know better as the Christmas party floor-filler “I’m in the Mood for Dancing”.

Anime producers fell in love. Some shows already had five-man teams modelled on Thunderbirds, but the video market favoured all-girl action. Soon the Nolans’ media-friendly archetypes, expressed in their costumes and made-up Japanese puff articles, were incorporated into the Five Ideal Anime Women…
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